The award ceremony recognizing and appreciating the schools, pre schools and pirivena
institutes that carried out projects under the Mother Sri Lanka programmes Project RUN,
Deshabhimani Kekulu and Deshabimani Sankalpa Pravardhana Pirivena Program in 2014/15 was
held on Saturday the 28th of May at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute amidst a distinguished
gathering. The event was graced by Chief Guest Dr A T Ariyaratne, Founder of Sarvodhaya
Movement, Key Note Speaker, Dr Dayan Jayatilleka and Dr Janaki Kuruppu, Founder, Mother
Sri Lanka along with the board of trustees of Mother Sri Lanka. Nearly five hundred guests
including members of the distinguished guests, school children, teachers from schools, pre-
schools and pirivenas attended the ocassion. The fact that members representing places as far as
Jaffna, Kilinochchi, GalenbidunuWewa, Ampara and Hambantota were present despite the bad
weather was greatly appreciated by the organizers.

Mother Sri Lanka Trust was set up in 2008, with the objectives of rekindling the pride of being a
Sri Lankan, to inculcate a proactively positive, accountable attitude about the motherland, to rise
from the ashes of war, learning from the mistakes of the past, uniting under one flag, as one
nation, as one people. It is a non-profit, independent, non-political, charitable trust which brings
together the collaborative efforts of the public sector, private and non-profit sectors with the
financial backing of the private sector. Mother Sri Lanka movement is carrying on a series of
programmes to achieve the objective of creating and strengthening unity and peaceful
coexistence among all Sri Lankans for the last 8 years and continue to do so with the same
vigour and enthusiasm.

Chairperson of Mother Sri Lanka, Dr. Janaki Kuruppu explained “We realized that peace and
reconciliation cannot be restored within a short period of time with the efforts of a few. It is
rather a lengthy process and a collective effort of all citizens. Identifying this as far back as
2009, we initiated programmes on reconciliation and peace building immediately after the war.
Now we are humbled to see the results of what we had done and we believe that we have laid a
well-sustained foundation towards peace and reconciliation of Sri Lanka. It is noteworthy to
mention that it took us eight years to establish this project and we had to travel to all twenty five
districts of Sri Lanka every year. We volunteered for this nation and managed to build hope
among millions of children in this country. We have been conducting programmes on Unity and
Reconciliation from 2009 in an a-political manner and completely voluntarily. I sincerely
believe that the current government who has come into power on a platform of reconciliation
would also pledge their support to our noble cause.”

Mother Sri Lanka schools program, named as Project Run, initiated in 2012 under the approval
of the Ministry of Education, has thus far been introduced to 2,600 schools. The project operates
as a long term practical programme under the three themes of Responsible citizenship (R), Unity
(U), and National pride (N) with the objective of creating experiences among Sri Lankan
students that would help them to think deeply about one’s duties and responsibilities for the
country and act acordingly.
The following ten schools who obtained more than 80% marks were recognized as the Top 10
performers of Project RUN 2014/15.

Thorakolayaya College, Ekiriya College, Poojapitiya Central School, Kagama Yaya 06
Dutugemunu College- Anurdhapura, Welagedara Central College, Kurunegala, Rajanganaya
Yaya 05 Navodya College – Rajanganaya, Katukurunda Dharmika College – Katukurunda,
Palatuwa Gunarathne Central College, Paatuwa, Godawela Sri Pagnananda College – Godawela,
Ruhunu Vijayaba National College, Tangalle.

The award ceremony also recognized the best performers in the “Deshabhimani Kekulu”
program, which is the Mother Sri Lanka pre-school program that was launched in 2010 together
with Child Development and Women’s Affairs Ministry. The primary objective of this project,
was to create future citizens who are endowed with patriotism and national pride, are respectful
of different ethnicities and religions in the country. 128 preschool teachers were awarded
certificates for carrying out the Deshabhimani Kekulu project from 2012 in their schools and the
following were the Top 10 pre-schools were awarded for their best performance in this category.
Singithi Lama mithuru preschool- Rathnapura, Pubudu Preschool- Ambalanthota, Pipena kekulu
preschool-Mundalama, Sipnana Preschool-Udugama, Kadugannawa, Widurunena Preschool,
Kahawaththa, Mithuru Landaru Uyana, Pelmadulla, Shanthi Early Childhood Development
Centre-Mathale, Prarthana Prechool-Minipe, Lahiru Preschool-Pelmadulla, Pradeshiya Sabha
Adarsha Preschool- Matale

An education programme titled Deshabhimani Sankalpa was also initiated by Mother Sri Lanka
based on the suggestions of officers of the Pirivena education unit of the Ministry of Education.
A number of activities were conducted under this programme in 750 pirivena institutes
throughout the country, with the objectives of improving patriotism, unity and reconciliation
among Sri Lankans. Accordingly, in every pirivena, a Mother Sri Lanka student society is
conducting programmes on safeguarding public property, teaching Tamil, disaster management,
conflict prevention and leadership were conducted.

“Volunteer service always brings immense happiness to you and it is obvious from the smiling
faces of the people and the organisers here. As Sri Lankan citizens we should serve our
motherland to the best of our ability. It is once again proven by the success story of Mother
ஸ்ரீ ලංකා programmes and by the large audience gathered at this event Sri Lanka has so much
untapped potential”, said the Chief guest Dr.A.T. Ariyarathne.

In his key note speech, Dr. Dayan Jayatilake added that “there are a group of professionals who
views everything in the country from an Economic view point and lacks a form of patriotism
while at the same time these are some groups who are blinded with patriotism to the extent of
being impractical and not futuristic. Thus, what the Motherland needs are brilliant minds coupled
with patriotism like the concept of the Mother ஸ்ரீ ලංකා movement.”

Issued by:

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