The current Chairperson of Mother Sri Lanka Trust and the Chairperson of the Sri Lanka Tea Board, Janaki Kuruppu has been awarded the Outstanding Women Leadership Award for 2014 at the recent Women Leadership Congress 2014 held in Mumbai, India on February 14, 2014.  The awards were presented to women from 66 countries for various fields such as IT, Finance, Marketing, Public sector etc and the prestigious award of Outstanding Leadership was a special award given to only 6 women from around the world.  Besides Ms Kuruppu, the Outstanding Leadership was awarded to women from Kenya, Mayanmar, Afghanistan and India.

Janaki Kuruppu was recognised  for her work as the founder Chairperson of Mother Sri Lanka, which is a not for profit charitable movement set up to build a positive thinking and patriotism among Sri Lankans and for the leadership she is providing to the Sri Lanka Tea Board.   With over 20 years of experience in both the private and public sectors both in the USA and Sri Lanka, Ms Kuruppu has had an illustrious career in a variety of industries which covers research and consultancy, agri-business, food manufacturing, retailing, banking, media and engineering.  She holds a B.Sc in Mathematics and an M.A. in Applied Statistics from the University of Missouri, USA.

Some of her greatest achievements have been setting up her own market research firm in 1994 which was built upto to be a part of the world’s largest research firm Nielsen, setting up the charitable movement Mother Sri Lanka, becoming the first ever female Chairperson of a bank when she had to set up the Regional Development Bank in 2010 and now being the first ever female Chairperson of the Sri Lanka Tea Board.

Prior to this she has also been awarded the Most Outstanding Sri Lankan Award 2010, Shramabhimani Award 2011, Global Commerce Excellence Award 2012 and Power Woman Award 2013.